Hacking simple chaotic cipher

Note: in this article I will talk about the work I did while studying at the University, so this paper is more educational than practical.

Cipher “Multiple one-dimensional chaotic maps”

Chaotic generators. Their indexes, recurrent formulas and parameters.

Cipher initialization


Analysis of control generator

The dependence of the session key number — B, the index of the chaotic generator — N, the number of blocks encrypted by each of the chaotic generators on Y.

Simplified cipher model

Simplified model

A preliminary analysis of the cipher

Number of initial states
Script for collecting statistics on the number of different characters in the control sequence
An example of script output for logistic map
The number of initial vectors that generate a certain number of unique characters in the control sequence

Attack on the cipher

Duplicated states for deletion
Scheme of the attack

Testing the cryptanalysis scheme

The process of filtering out values. The number of states remaining after processing the next character of the control sequence


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