A coach that’s always with you!

Free exercises with a personal coach at any time

Doing sport on your own is quite complicated. Sadly, there is often not enough discipline to continue. I explain. Sometimes, when looking in the mirror we make a promise to start training since Monday, first day of the month or since beginning of the year… Alas, only few of us can actually boast to stick to this promise.

A gym can be a solution. It’s even better if you’re training with a personal coach who is assisting you in achieving desired results. But what to do if there’s no such an opportunity? Is it possible to organize workout yourself?

Each of us have free time during the working day or everyday routine. What if our coach appeared exactly at this time and motivated us for exercising?

I want to tell you about CamSquat app. It’s a free mobile app for Android that’s acting like a virtual coach and is tracking even the slightest details during workouts with the help of modern video technologies.

The program was created for people with different level of physical activity and doesn’t require any additional equipment.

It’s easy to use. Choose the type of workout and select a current day of training (amount of reps is gradually increasing). Then set your smartphone. Press “Start”. The program analyzes the image using the front-facing camera and displays this image on the screen. Then you need to find a good distance between you and your phone and take a starting position. When your avatar becomes green you can start workout. The program shows the information about the current stage of the exercise and the amount of properly done reps during the whole process of training. The complexity of the training is gradually increasing, and it allows you to progress from a beginner to an advanced level.

CamSquat is processing all data on your smartphone, so there’s no need for the Internet connection. All the information is stored on your device as well.

Download the app with your virtual coach from Google Play.

More exercises would be added later.

If you have any questions or comments, please, contact me by email.